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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cd Key Battlenet EU
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You are Hierarch Artanis, leader of the mighty protoss race. Years ago, your homeworld of Aiur fell to the merciless zerg Swarm. Now, at long last, you have raised a powerful fleet of warships known as the Golden Armada, and are poised to reclaim your world. But an ancient evil—Amon—threatens this destiny and the fate of the entire galaxy. Only you can reunite the protoss factions and defeat the coming darkness before it consumes all life in the sector. The protoss were being systematically exterminated and were dying out from sheer age even before the Great War. The protoss have been picked off one-by-one, and their shattered civilization will fracture as something even worse happens, forcing a leader to save them from annihilation. Various protoss factions will be united for a last stand against Amon The Protoss are desperate...and dangerous. Legacy of the Void’s campaign shines a light on the flickering light of Protoss culture, placing pathos at the front of the humanoid alien race’s conclusive story. Before diving into my first Protoss mission, I explored the Spear of Adun, the warship led by primary character and leader of the lost and last of the Protoss Hierarch Artanis..