Ben 17/03/2022

Yep! Works like a charm. Gamers outlet really didn't let you down. Hands down. Best site ever for cheap and legit keys!

Marilyn 31/01/2022

This worked well! Customer support was very helpful and timely. I'll definitely be back.

Rares 12/12/2021

Bought one a few months ago, and it worked flawlessly, but I suggest you purchase the global key, not the phone activation one.
I came back to buy another one for another PC, works like a charm.
I hope it will last in time.

T J 08/10/2021

I was a little worried, but it worked great - and I was able to use the legit microsoft website to activate it - so it all checks out! 10/10
Ill propbably buy a game next :)

Alan Feather 25/09/2021

I'm a cheapskate so I went for the phone activation version. It did involve typing in a LOT of numbers but the activation went very smoothly and the product is fully working so I'm very pleased with that.