Scott Goldstein 14/08/2019

Took 15 minutes to receive but worked great, went to and used the key on my account, works flawlessly.

Xzor 10/08/2019

Fantastic, works immediately!
Recommendation =)

G-E 06/08/2019

I had an issue with the key delivery. Created a support ticket, case was solved within 5 minutes. Key worked fine.

Gavin Krisman 02/08/2019

I was a bit wary of purchasing, but I decided to try. I did not regret my decision. Using online activation, Office 2019 is activated successfully.

Hamed Taha 25/07/2019

at first the code didnt work, i contacted with support and they responded fast and fixed my problem
excelent website
excelent support :)