Valer-Ilie Cormos 05/12/2021

followed Ash review, was spot on. took me 5 min max and everything worked perfectly. thanks, mate.

Alberto 03/12/2021

Windows activo al mejor precio del mercado. Instalación limpia de windows 11 en una PC NUEVA y funcionó sin problema.

Jack 03/12/2021

I was pulling my hair as I was unsuccessfully trying to activate my Windows 11 Home (on a brand new machine) to Windows 11 Pro using the purchased key. Then I followed Ash's comment on the very top of comments and I was able to activate my Windows 11 Pro. My understanding in this whole process is you can't upgrade to Windows 11 Pro directly from Windows 11 Home. First you've to remove the Windows 11 Home key following Ash's steps, add Generic Windows 11 Pro key, restart the computer and add the one you bought here. Thanks, Ash.

Ash 24/11/2021

I originally had some trouble getting my key to activate when trying to upgrade Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro. What you need to do is open an admin command prompt and type slmgr /upk. Then you need to type slmgr /cpky to remove the key from the registry. Next, you need to type slmgr /rearm and restart the system. Now, put in a generic Windows 11 Pro activation key from Type the key into the activation box. It might throw up an activation error, but just restart the system and you should be on an unactivated copy of Windows 11 Pro. Now, go to your settings and change your product key to the key that you just purchased from here and it should work with no problems.

Mark Schurer 23/11/2021

Clean install of Win 11 Home on new 12900k. Entered Code, asked if I was ready to upgrade my Windows version. I selected continue. Took a minute to install a couple updates. Finished, said that it could not activate and to try again later. I then Selected Troubleshooting option, at which point the license immediately activated. Thanks!