Branko Sekaric 28/02/2022

I was really sceptical about price and everything, but WORKED PERFECTLY, it was instant delivery, really good servis, highly recommemnded. 5 stars from me

Steven Crank 28/02/2022

Wasn’t expecting it to install and download - but it did!

T L P 27/02/2022

I needed to use Microsoft Word . This was the latest version. Excellent price. Was skeptical, but not anymore. This is the real deal. No doubt I will be buying more products from this company for my computer or my XBOX.

DJ Mean Al 16/02/2022

Great job. Perfectly working Office 2021 Key, activated online. No messing around with phone activations. BARGAIN!

Kemal Karabeg 15/02/2022

I just installed and successfully activated my office.I was a bit sceptical but everything went fine.Thanks for a low price licence.