Buy CD Keys

Buy CD Keys

 A CD key is a serial number or a product code that is composed of letters and numbers that is used to register and activate a software or a game. Each CD key can only be used by one user so that hackers and crackers will not be able to run software and games illegally.


One of the problems you may encounter if you’re planning to buy cd keys is where to purchase them. There are also plenty of things you should consider before buying CD keys. 


Things to Consider If You Plan to Buy CD Keys

There are plenty of stores to choose from when you’re planning to buy CD keys. It can be hard to determine which of these shops you should buy CD keys from. To help you out, here are some things you should consider if you plan to buy CD keys:


  • Product Specifications

One of the most important things you should consider when you’re planning to buy CD keys is their product specifications. Make sure that the CD keys you purchase match your needs. This way, you can ensure that you’ve bought the right CD keys.


  • Price

If you’re planning to buy CD keys, consider checking their prices. Different sellers may offer the same CD key at a different price. However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy CD keys from sellers who offer them the cheapest. You should make sure that you buy CD keys from a store you trust.


  • Safety

There are plenty of stores out there where you can buy cd keys. You can choose to buy CD keys at a physical store or you can also order online. Some people prefer to buy CD keys online as they can be cheaper. However, you should be more careful when you buy CD keys at an online store.


Make sure to buy CD keys only from legit sellers. This way, you can be sure that the CD keys you purchase are safe to use.


  • Availability

Many physical stores are not open 24/7. If you urgently need to buy CD keys, you may have to order from an online store. They are usually open at any time of the day.


When you buy CD keys from online stores, they may be able to deliver them in a shorter period of time. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to buy CD keys online.


  • Payment Options

Whether you’re planning to buy CD keys at a physical store or at an online shop, you should know what their modes of payment are. Some physical shops may only accept cash when you buy CD keys from them.


If you’re planning to buy CD keys online, you should be careful of any scam and be sure that you’re only making transactions with a legit seller. This is because scammers are now using the internet to deceive people.  


  • Recommendations

If you’re not sure which shop you should visit to buy CD keys, consider seeking the help of a friend or a family member. They may know a great online shop where you can buy CD keys at cheaper prices.


  • Reviews

Some shops have a website or a social media page. Before you buy CD keys, checkout any comments or customer testimonials from previous customers. Doing so can help you decide where to buy CD keys.


Get in Touch With Gamers Outlet

If you want to buy CD keys, don’t hesitate to contact Gamers Outlet. We are a trusted seller of CD keys and game codes. Many people rely on us whenever they need to buy CD keys.


At Gamers Outlet, expect that we offer CD keys at competitive prices. Buy our CD keys today and start activating and downloading PC games through special platforms such as Steam, Uplay, and Origin. Visit us and check out our list of the newest and the best games you can play.


Gamers Outlet: A One-Stop Shop for CD Keys and More

Gamers Outlet is your reputable source for CD keys and unused game codes for both PC and console games. A CD key is a series of letters and numbers usually found on a card, sticker, or disc on your game's packaging. This activation code allows users to download a game or certain special features.


Through our site, you can purchase, redeem, and download codes and CD keys to use on your gaming platform of choice at an affordable price. Upon payment, we instantly send you the CD key you purchased so that you can download and activate the game of your choice. These product keys will allow you to access games via official gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay,, and Windows Store.


Commonly Asked Questions:


  • Why are your CD keys cheap?

Gamers Outlet sources our CD keys from a European distributor that sells these codes at a low price. Our online platform eliminates costs such as shipping and customs fees. The combination of these two factors allows us to present our customers with affordable CD Keys.


  • Are your CD Keys legitimate?

Everything we sell is 100% legitimate. Our CD keys are scanned from original game boxes and packages. We also inspect them to make sure our game keys are unused before putting them up for sale.


Gamers Outlet is vouched for by several website watchdogs. AllKeyShop, CDKeyWatch, ResellerRatings, and Trustpilot have all given us their seal of approval.


  • How do transactions work?

We accept payment through the following channels: PayPal, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Giro, and SOFORT Payment. Once payment has been validated, the CD keys will be sent as an attachment of the order confirmation.


Gamers Outlet Provides CD Keys and Codes for the Following Platforms:


  • Steam

This platform is one of the leading gaming services in the world. Steam was developed by Valve Corporation, the company that gave us popular games, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and Left 4 Dead.


This platform allows players to access the latest games and to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry. Steam isn’t limited to games that are produced by its mother company Valve. The services also work with several world-class game developers to provide you with many options.


You can download Steam absolutely free of charge, as well as a few of the other games on the platform. The more popular titles, however, require purchase to be unlocked. Buy CD keys for Steam today!


  • Origin

This gaming system is developed by Electronic Arts (EA). To access Origin, players are required to create profiles that connect and allow users to play with one another.


These accounts also allow members to communicate through chat boxes, allowing players to send each other messages during games. Additionally, users of this service can produce and record livestreams of their games with TwitchTV. Buy CD keys for Origin today!


  • Uplay

Gamers Outlet also offers CD Keys and codes for Uplay. This is platform was created by Ubisoft, the company that produced the worldwide phenomenon, Assassin's Creed video game series. Buy CD keys for Uplay today!


  • net is a gaming service created by the masterminds behind the Warcraft Series and action-role-playing video game Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment. They are a pioneer of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), one of the trendiest gaming distributors today. Buy CD keys for Battlenet today!


  • Xbox Live

This digital media delivery service is developed and operated by tech industry giant Microsoft. Xbox Live was launched as part of the Xbox system, and then it was later made available for the Xbox 360 console. Buy CD keys for Xbox Live today!


  • PSN

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is the online gaming service of the world’s most popular console, the PlayStation. Created by Sony Computer Entertainment, this digital delivery service is accessible for the following video game devices:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation Vita

Buy CD keys for PSN today! 

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